English language is what most of developed and developing nations understand. Proficiency in English is ones’s passport to success. To gain mystery over any subject, mastering English language is essential as its medium of communication. To provide a better communication in the Global language English, we take various steps to train our students to speak in English fluently. On the part of communication we provide “communication lab” for student’s powered by ‘thulir’.


THULIR ENGLISH is the culmination of years of research and development in designing a course for non-native child of an English an ace English communicator.

Thulir English is a structured personalized online English learning course for students in the age group 4 to 12, which aims to expand the language proficiency of learners, as a whole; in all the four skills, which is reading, writing, listening & speaking by using a combination of pedagogies created by a team of subject matter experts. The above four skills are not just shallow pillars but ones with great depth since it is upon these four pillars the of English of the aspirant is going to stand.


Capture  In Reading, there are series of activities,assignments and games developed to help children progress in their reading abilities ranging from decoding words to comprehending complex literature at different depths.

Capture2 Writing equips children to express their thoughts in the best way. Starting from simple lessons to help them think and write simple words,  we move on to train them on making independent sentences, paragraphs, complex writing etc.

Capture1Listening  is  an  active  process that involves  understanding, concentration and memory, and Thulir aims to train children listen Actively, thereby helping them to have a better grasp on academic content.

capture3Speaking activities have various drills to enhance oral competency of every children. From pronunciation to body language, every aspect that adds to better presentation of an individual is addressed.