Vaigai institution situated in a sprawling 17 acre campus in Valapady, Salem District, with an International Standard was founded in 2007 by the joint venture of 11 members. It began its stupendous service in the field of education with 350 students. At present it has flourished to a strength of over a 2000 students.


Being the campus language, English is given the prime importance. Since English is indispensable in this competitive world, an exclusive troupe of language trainers are appointed to enrich the speaking skills of students in order to make them excel in language.

A special coaching and an untiring motivation are given to the students in 12th STD by the veterans in the respective subjects. This paves way for them to thrive in future.

Students’ homework for the day and their attitude in the class are being noticed and reported to the parents immediately through SMS in a routine manner.


The school has a modern library where students and staff get a wide range of knowledge for their needs. It has around five thousand books. Besides, each classroom has a variety of books relevant to that particular standard.

The school exhilarates a language laboratory for students to gain a command over language and make them communicate effectively. IT puts them in case in learning English more enjoyable as well as more interesting.

Labs for Science and Computer enriched with modernized instruments and equipment's are established to enhance students in the field of exploration.

A separate hi-tech hostel facility is there for both boys and girls.

Transpiration, even to the remote area, is made possible.


The school provides a treasure of opportunities for extracurricular activities. Apart from sports and games, the school offers Judo, Yoga, Dance both classical and western, music and material art. A special importance is given to develop the physical and mental health of students in order to keep them in their pink of health. The school also offers a wide range of relevant and need – based program.

To develop the IQ of students, we conduct several competitions during the end of the week in a regular basis.